Free NASA Certificate: 2023

NASA Certificate

Nasa certificate is really a good achievement to add to our resume. Whatever skills you have is a good thing but if someone has the participation certificate from NASA then his/her resume will look more catchy. But the question is how to get NASA certificate? right. So in this blog, I will tell you how to get a free NASA certificate.

Nasa Certificate Khabar Flashback

About NASA Certificate

For every mission, NASA gives the participation certificate to people from all over the world. Some famous missions in which NASA had already given participation certificates are NASA Solar Parker Probe Misssion, the NASA Mars mission, etc.

Here you can see my participation certificate from NASA for the Solar Parker Probe mission.


Vivek Kumar Gupta NASA Certificate


NASA Future Mars Exploration Program

I just want to give you a very basic overview of the current mission for which there is a participation certificate is there. The name of the mission is NASA Mars Exploration Program. In this mission, NASA is sending a rover to the Mars planet to collect the sample. The Sample Return mission will be done by a collaboration between NASA and ESA (European Space Agency). So to raise awareness about this program currently NASA opens a registration portal to get names from worldwide. The collected name will send to Mars in a small chip attached to the rover. So for an individual one, this opportunity will be really great.

How to get a free NASA certificate

Now I will show you the entire process to get NASA Certificate.

1. First Name

2. Last Name

3. Location

4. Postal Code

5. Email

The process to get a free NASA Certificate

Follow the step-by-step process to get the NASA Mars mission certificate.

Step 1: Visit to SEND YOUR NAME TO MARS here: Send your name to Mars 





Step 2: Fill in the basic details First Name, Last Name, Location, Postal Code, Email.

Important: Make sure your email is currently logged in your mobile, desktop, or in the device from where you are doing registration.


Nasa Certificate


Step 3: After adding all the basic details make sure to click on the Blue checkbox which is visible in the above screenshot, by this you will be subscribed to the NASA newsletter.


Step 4: Hit the SEND MY NAME TO MARS button.


Khabar Flashback Nasa Certificate



You will be redirected to the Boarding Pass Dashboard, where you can see the boarding pass for Future Mars Mission will be generated like our Khabar Flashback. You can cross-check the name spellings and all.

You can also see the message “Your name is ready to fly”


Step 5: Click on the DOWNLOAD button to download the PNG file of the Nasa Certificate.

You can see your certificate in your download location or directory like ours.


You can use the embed code to show the certificate on your website.

If you are facing any problems getting your certificate, I am adding a YouTube link you can also refer to this.

You can also verify your NASA Certificate

To verify your NASA Certificate or find your name you need to follow the below steps:
Step 1: Visit the boarding pass verification page: BOARDING PASS VERIFICATION
Step 2: Now fill in the details like first name, last name, location, and postal code in order to retrieve your boarding pass.
Khabar Flashback Nasa Certificate


Step 3: Click on the FIND MY BOARDING PASS button.

After hitting the button you will be redirected to your boarding pass page section. If you are not able to see your certificate then make sure you have added the correct details same as you have done at the registration time.

So now all the steps are completed. A big congratulation to you for getting a participation certificate from NASA.

Check worldwide total registration on Maps

Click on the Maps button on the top of the page and you will be redirected to the Maps section as shown in the below screenshot.
Nasa free Certificate


Here you can see during the writing of this article total of 542,580 registration from INDIA.

I was also eagerly waiting to see the live launch of India’s most prestigious Chandrayaan 3 mission but when I reached for the registration unfortunately registration was closed. But our entire team see the live launch on YouTube.


Check your Frequent Flyer points

To check your frequent flyer points visit FREQUENT FLYER DASHBOARD to reach the Frequent Flyer dashboard. Fill in the details last name and email. Then click the SHOW MY POINTS button. 
Frequent Flyer point nasa


Now you can see your points with your registered name like below
How to get nasa certificate


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Thanks for reading this article. All the best for your future endeavors.

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