Meta Threads vs. Twitter: Which Is Right for You & why?

What is the Meta threads app?


Hey, have you created your account on Meta threads, if not then what are you waiting for? The Instagram team created the cutting-edge text-based software Meta Threads with the intention of extending Instagram’s well-known photo and video-sharing capabilities to incorporate textual content. Users of this platform have access to a special location where they may express their creative ideas and participate in real-time updates and open discussions. This app strives to promote a positive and expressive environment for people to share their ideas and opinions by extending beyond the sphere of visual media.


Meta threads v/s Twitter
Meta threads


The ways in which Twitter and Meta Threads approach news and politics differ significantly from one another. By putting less emphasis on news and political topics, Meta Threads distinguishes itself as a gentler alternative to Twitter. While Twitter has grown in popularity as a venue for partisan conversations and disputes, Meta Threads adopts a different strategy. Meta Threads aims to create a space where users can engage in conversations that are focused on creativity, positivity, and personal expression by minimizing the prominence of news and politics, appealing to those looking for an alternative to the frequently divisive nature of political discourse found on Twitter opinions.

When Meta threads launched in India

On July 5, 2023, Meta officially released the social media app Threads through its Instagram service. Since its debut, Threads has had considerable growth, bringing on more than 100 million users. Thanks to Threads, users now have a new way to participate in real-time updates and open discussions, which has increased the range of creative expression options available inside the Meta ecosystem.

How to create profile on Meta threads

The procedure of signing up for Threads is simple and tightly connected to the Instagram network. You need an active Instagram account to sign up for Threads because it is not a stand-alone service like Twitter.

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Make sure your Instagram account is active before continuing. If not, downloading the Instagram app and going through the registration process will allow you to easily create one.

Once you have an Instagram account, follow these steps to sign up for Threads:

  1. Launch the Threads app on your device.
  2. Enter your Instagram username and password to proceed.
  3. After logging in, you will be directed to the privacy option screen. Here, you have the choice to set your Threads profile as either public or private, depending on your preference. It’s important to note that your Threads privacy setting can differ from your Instagram privacy setting. Select either “Public profile” or “Private profile” based on your desired level of privacy.
  4. On the next screen, you will be presented with the option to follow the same accounts you already follow on Instagram.

You can successfully sign up for Threads by following these instructions, after which you can start exploring the app’s features and participating in open discussions across the Instagram network. To ensure you have the proper level of control over your Threads experience, remember to modify your privacy settings in accordance with your preferences.

How to use Meta threads

It is simple to use Threads, which enables you to participate in discussions in public and express your ideas. Despite some similarities to Twitter, Threads has a different operating system. To use the app after creating your Threads account, complete these steps:

meta threads vs twitter

  • Launch the Threads app on your device and log in using your account credentials.
  • To create a post on Threads, tap the Create icon located at the center bottom of your screen. This will bring up the thread creation screen.
  • In the text area, start typing your desired content for the post. If your text exceeds the space available, you can tap on “Add to thread” to create a new text block. It’s important to note that Threads imposes a character limit of 500 for each post.
  • To manage who can reply to your threads, tap on “Anyone can reply” located at the bottom left corner of the thread creation screen. You have the option to restrict replies to people you follow, people you mention, or keep it open to anyone, which is the default setting.
  • Once you have composed your post, review it to ensure it aligns with your intentions. When you are ready to publish, tap “Post” located at the bottom right corner of the screen.

Key differences between Twitter and Meta threads:


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  1. Character limit: Users of Meta Threads have a 500-character limit for posts, whereas 280 characters are the maximum allowed for unverified Twitter users. The character limit on Twitter can be increased to 25,000 for paid customers, whereas Threads does not yet offer this option.
  2. Account verification: While Twitter charges $8 per month for the blue badge feature, verified Instagram accounts can maintain their blue badge on Threads at no additional cost.
  3. Video Length: Unverified users on Threads can submit videos up to five minutes long, but unverified users on Twitter can only do so up to two minutes and twenty seconds.
  4. Discoverability: While Threads now relies on scrolling through the home feed as the main way of content exploration, Twitter has a homepage where users can browse trending topics and other pertinent content.
  5. Draft Saving: At the time of its inception, Threads does not appear to offer a function to save drafts of postings, in contrast to Twitter.
  6. Experience with Threads: On Twitter, users can start a thread by clicking the plus sign, however on Threads, users must press the enter key three times.
  7. Viewing Likes: According to accessible screenshots, Threads does not offer a separate page to view the likes of other profiles, in contrast to Twitter.
  8. The same content guidelines that apply to Instagram also apply to Threads, including settings for muting and blocking harassing content.
  9. Social-Networking Protocol: Based on the ActivityPub social-networking protocol, Threads enables users to engage with a larger community outside of Instagram, much like sites like Mastodon.
  10. Advertising: Threads’ lack of advertisements at launch distinguishes it from Twitter and may help generate buzz about the project.
Users can more clearly comprehend the differences between Meta Threads and Twitter by emphasizing these crucial contrasts, enabling them to choose the platform that best suits their interests and needs.
Basic Comparison between Twitter & Meta threads


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Features Twitter Meta Threads
Account Verification Charges $8 per month for blue badge No additional cost for verified Instagram accounts
Video Length Unverified users: Up to 2 minutes and 20 seconds Unverified users: Up to 5 minutes
Discoverability Homepage with trending topics and content Scrolling through home feed for content exploration
Draft Saving Allows saving drafts of postings Currently does not offer draft saving
Experience with Threads Start a thread by clicking the plus sign Start a thread by pressing the enter key three times
Viewing Likes Offers a separate page to view profile likes No separate page to view profile likes
Content Guidelines Follows Twitter’s content guidelines Follows Instagram’s content guidelines
Social-Networking Protocol N/A Based on ActivityPub protocol for wider community engagement
Advertising Includes advertisements No advertisements at launch
Character Limit Unverified users: Up to 280 characters (can be increased to 25,000 for paid customers) Up to 500 characters


Meta threads’ key features
A variety of characteristics that Meta Threads provides make it a distinctive social networking platform. These qualities consist of:
Threads: With the use of threads, you may communicate with a small group of people by sharing images, videos, and text.
Stories: Photos and videos that are shared through stories vanish after 24 hours.
Direct Messages: You can send private messages to other users via Direct Messages.
Live Video: Meta Threads allows you to watch videos in real-time.
Stickers: Sticker sets are a great way to inject some creativity and fun into your postings.
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Choosing the best platform in the comparison of Meta Threads and Twitter ultimately comes down to personal preferences and priorities. With an emphasis on imagination, optimism, and expressive text-based content, Meta Threads provides a friendlier and more curated atmosphere. It appeals to individuals looking for a break from the frequently heated style of political dialogue found on Twitter because it downplays the importance of news and politics.
However, Twitter thrives at offering a quick-fire forum for a variety of conversations, including news and politics. Trending subjects and a broader user base are among the features it offers. Twitter is still a good option for individuals who like the ferocity of partisan arguments and the variety of topics they can discuss. The choice between Twitter and Meta Threads ultimately comes down to whether users value a platform that embraces the ferocity of news, politics, and different dialogues (Twitter) or a curated and creative area (Meta Threads). Understanding individual preferences and desired user experiences will aid in selecting the best platform.

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