World Photography Day 19 August

World Photography day for photographers, both amateur and professional, to celebrate their passion for capturing images that tell a story, evoke emotions, and capture a moment in time.

“On World Photography Day, let us celebrate the art of freezing time and immortalizing the beauty that surrounds us, reminding the world that every snapshot is a story waiting to be told.”

What is World Photography Day

World photography Day


World Photography Day is a special day when people from all around the globe come together to celebrate the magic of capturing moments through photographs. It’s a day to appreciate the power of images in telling stories, preserving memories, and connecting us to the world. On this day, photographers and professionals share their love for the art of photography, recognizing the ability of a single snapshot of emotions, document history, and showcase the beauty that surrounds us every day. It’s a time to acknowledge the impact of photography on our lives and the way it allows us to see and understand the world in a unique and powerful way.


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When is World Photography Day celebrated?

World Photography Day is celebrated on August 19th each year. It’s a day where people worldwide come together to honor and enjoy the art of photography. On this special day, photographers share their love for capturing moments. It’s a time to appreciate how photos tell stories, preserve memories, and let us see the world in a unique way. So, every August 19th, we join hands to celebrate the beauty and significance of photography in our lives.


History of World Photography Day?

The history of photography dates back to the early 1800s when the first photographic image was created by Joseph Nicéphore Niépce. That is why concept of world photography day came into face. Today, we have digital cameras and smartphones that make it easier than ever before to capture and share photos with the world.
History of world photography day


Daguerreotype Process in photography

After this, the French Academy of Science told the entire world about the daguerreotype process on 9th January 1839. But the French Government declared this as an invention on 19th August 1839 after purchasing the patent file of this great invention. At that time the government announced that the invention was a gift “free to the world”. But the daguerreotype wasn’t the first photography image process. Because the very first photograph was taken by Niepce in 1829.
Louis Daguerre and Joseph Nicephore Niepce
The name of that image was “View from the Window at Le Gras” using a process called heliography. The earliest durable colored photograph was captured by Thomas Sutton in 1861.

World Photography Day 2024 theme

Every year world photography day has different theme. Theme of year 2024 is already declared on October 26, 2023. If we talk about the year 2024 theme it is “Understanding Clouds”

It’s an invitation to explore the beauty and various shapes of clouds, their impact on weather and climate, and the way they can capture our imagination. The goal is to use photography as a way to deepen our understanding of these fascinating phenomena. Even though it’s a few months away, this theme can already spark some inspiration for planning your photography adventures on World Photography Day in 2024!


World Photography Day activities


Important Day NameWorld Photography Day
Date of Celebration19th August 2024
Theme Declaration DateOctober 26, 2023
ThemeUnderstanding Clouds
Frequency of CelebrationAnnual


World Photography Day quotes

Here are some famous quotes on World Photography Day:

  • “Photography is a way of feeling, of touching, of loving. What you have caught on film is captured forever… it remembers little things, long after you have forgotten everything.”
    – Aaron Siskind
  • “A photograph is a moment captured forever, a single glimpse of what was, frozen in time, a story told without words.”


  • “The camera is an instrument that teaches people how to see without a camera.”

– Dorothea Lange

  • “The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched – they must be felt with the heart.”

– Helen Keller

  • “What I like in a photograph is that it has captured a moment that would have gone on unnoticed, ordinary and simple, something happening between people, a moment that would have been lost forever.”

– Henri Cartier-Bresson

  • “Light makes photography. Emotion makes the picture.”
                                                                      – Anne Geddes

World photography Day hashtags

Here are some top hashtags for World Photography Day (August 19th):

  • #WorldPhotographyDay
  • #WPD2024
  • #Photography
  • #Photo
  • #Photographer
  • #MobilePhotography
  • #PhotographyLovers
  • #PicturePerfect
  • #CaptureTheMoment
  • #SeeTheWorld
  • #StorytellingThroughPhotos

Note: You can use your own hashtags and follow the trends as well.


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Top 15 knowledgable facts on Photography

Historical Facts:

  • Birth of a Legacy: Celebrated on August 19th to commemorate the day in 1839 when the Daguerreotype photographic process was made “free to the world” by the French government.
  • Ancient Beginnings: The first image ever captured with light dates back to 1826, created by Joseph Nicéphore Niépce using a process called heliography.
  • Accidental Selfie: The first self-portrait, albeit accidental, was captured in 1839 by Robert Cornelius. He had to stand for over a minute due to the slow exposure time, leaving only his shoes in clear focus!


Facts of photography day


Technological Facts:

  • Digital Revolution: The first digital camera was invented in 1975 by Steven Sasson at Kodak, but weighed a whopping 8 pounds!
  • Click Frenzy: Today, over 350 billion photographs are taken daily thanks to advancements in digital technology and smartphones.
  • Beyond Earth: 12 Hasselblad cameras have been left on the Moon’s surface during various Apollo missions, capturing unique lunar landscapes.

Cultural Impact:

  • Visual Storytelling: A single photograph has the power to tell a thousand stories, bringing awareness to global issues, documenting history, and sparking emotions.
  • Social Connection: Photography platforms like Instagram and Flickr have created a vibrant online community for photographers and enthusiasts to share their work and connect.
  • Preserving Memories: Images capture fleeting moments and allow us to relive precious memories long after they’ve passed.

Fun Facts:

  • Cat Fanatics: One of the earliest surviving cat photographs dates back to 1881, proving the internet’s obsession with felines has historical roots.
  • Expensive Clicks: The most expensive camera ever sold was a 1923 Leica O-Series, fetching a staggering $2.8 million at auction.
  • Biggest Lens: The biggest SLR lens ever made is the Carl Zeiss Apo Sonnar T*, weighing over 560 pounds and designed for wildlife photography.
  • Unexpected Origins: The word “photography” was coined by Sir John Herschel in 1839, combining the Greek words for “light” and “drawing.”
  • Queenly Abbreviation: Queen Victoria is credited with using the first recorded abbreviation “photo” in a letter in 1860.
  • Blind Photographer: Evelyn Richter, despite being blind from birth, achieved success as a photographer using her other senses to navigate and “feel” the environment.


NASA Certificate: 2024


Significance of World Photography Day 2024


Significance of world photography day 2024


World Photography Day in 2024 holds great significance as it brings people together worldwide to appreciate the art of photography. This special day encourages us to explore the beauty of clouds through our camera lenses, capturing their diverse forms and understanding their impact on weather and climate. It’s not just about taking pictures; it’s an opportunity to create a strong connection with nature and share our unique perspectives. By celebrating World Photography Day with the theme “Understanding Clouds,”we will connect with nature with photography joy.


Online tools to edit your clicked photos

For editing photos there are several online tools. But Canava is now most in demand. In Canava we have the features to customize our designs and there is a lot of built in templates as well. Photoshop is also most used software to edit photos. Apart from this there are other options available, as per your need you can use them to enjoy world photography day.

Ideas to celebrate World Photography Day:

Celebrating World Photography Day is a blast. iT is a time to grab your camera or smartphone, snap inspiring photos, and share them on social media using #WorldPhotographyDay. Here I am sharing some tips on how to make it memorable:

  • Take photos: The best way to celebrate World Photography Day is to take photos. Take your camera or smartphone and capture images of your surroundings, people, and places that inspire you. Try experimenting with different angles, lighting, and compositions to create unique and interesting photos.
  • Share your photos: Share your photos on social media using the hashtag #WorldPhotographyDay. You can also create a blog or website to showcase your photos.
  • Attend a photography exhibition: Check out local photography exhibitions in your area. Many galleries and museums hold exhibitions on World Photography Day, showcasing the work of local and international photographers.
  • Learn new photography skills: Take a photography class or workshop to learn new skills and techniques. You can also watch online tutorials and mugup photography books to improve your skills.
  • Explore photography history: Take some time to learn about the history of photography. Visit photography museums or refer books about the pioneers of photography. Understanding the history of photography can give you a deeper appreciation of the art form.
  • Join a photography community: Join a photography club or online community. This is a great way to connect with other photographers, share your work, and get feedback and inspiration.


In conclusion, World Photography Day is a great opportunity to celebrate the art and science of photography. Whether you’re a professional photographer or a hobbyist, this day is a chance to share your love of photography with the world. So take your camera, go out and capture the world around you, and share your photos with the world!
Thankyou so much for reading this article. Happy World Photography Day.




People also ask :

Question: Why do we celebrate World Photography Day?
Answer: To promote and appreciate the art of clicking pictures.
Question: When is world photography day celebrated?
Answer: World Photography Day is celebrated on 19th August each year.
Question: Who started World Photography Day?
Answer: After the announcement of the invention of Daguerreotype Process by French Government and amazing photographics method developed by Louis Daguerre and Joseph Nicéphore Niépce photography day is celebrated from 1839.
Question: Who was the first photography?
Answer: First photograph was made by Heliograph technique by Joseph Nicéphore Niépce.
Question: Who discovered the first photo?
Answer: Louis Daguerre, Joseph Nicéphore Niépc and Henry Fox Talbot.
Question: What is the theme of world photography day 2024
Answer: Theme of world photography day 2024 is “Understanding Clouds”

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